Skat HD v12.3.0 [Paid]

Skat HD Mod Apk – Games Skat when and where you want!
Strong opponents. First-class design.

Games anytime against computer opponents!

** In Skat HD No advertising appears **

We offer a comprehensive training offering for Skatspieler and for all who want to become.
Look forward to many hours of gameplay!

games against two computer opponents:
– Play Anywhere, anytime offline Skat
– Adjustable play
– Your computer opponents play 100% fair

Games Skat online with friends: (*)
– Skat against real players
– Without registration
– Also works for two with a computer opponent

Fine-tune your playing style:
– Strategy Coach of skat master Daniel Schäfer
– Interactive exercise games
– Learn the intricacies of skat

play Learn Skat:
– Your patient teammates forgive you every mistake
– withdraw train game suggestions Show eyes of stitches
– Interactive Skat-introduction
– All Skat for future

Use the many analysis options:
– Repeat the last game
See Journal of the opponent –
– Detailed game play every game
– Detailed list management with billing based DSkV
– Extensive statistics of all of your games

Have fun Skatspiel:
– Several realistic game scenes
– Original Altenburger playing cards
– Your Photos for the opponent
– Funny comments your fellow players

games as you like:
– Official DSkV rules or with contraindications, Re, Bock round and junk
– With DSKV billing by Seeger Fabian or beer Salmon
– German, French and tournament image
– Flexible sorting options for your cards

Our Guarantee: Your computer opponents play 100% fair. The card distribution is guaranteed by chance. Every player – whether human or computer – has identical opportunities.

Skat is a strategy and skill game. Many use Skat also for memory training, because in the long run only wins who is doing well in the head. considered stimuli, counting with attention, adjust your strategy flexibly to the run of play and had to learn something to always open because Skat is an enormously varied range of game.

With our app we try Skat as extensive and realistic on mobile devices play. The app is not intended for children, but is designed for adults. Under German law Skat is not gambling. In our app, there is no money and to win any awards. Match practice and / or success in casino games without winning ( “Social Casino Games”) does not necessarily mean that the participant will be successful in future play for real money.

(*) The availability of the online functions is not guaranteed by purchasing the app.
Terms of the online functions see

Look forward to many hours of gameplay!

We are pleased that Skat is so great response! We develop SKAT continuously. Send us your wishes for [email protected]

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Good leaf!

Skat HD Mod Apk Skat HD Mod Apk
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Download Mod Apk

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