Skull Towers: Castle Defense Mod [Unlimited Gold/Diamond/Energy] Apk v1.1.2

Skull Towers Castle Defense Game Best Archery TD – Skull Towers: Castle Defense Game: Best Archery TD is a new tower defense game with RPG (role playing game), first person archery and tower defense elements. Defend your castle from waves of skulls, army of monsters and hordes of skeletons and defeat Dark Lord in addicting td battles. If you like tower defence games, dungeons and challenging levels, you will enjoy this strategy game full of action and powerful enemies. Prepare your bow and arrows, summon turrets and traps in the battlefield, aim to the head and shoot! The ultimate castle defense game is here!

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Tons of skeletons are attacking your fortress and you are the only one who can defeat them! Skull Towers is an offline castle defense game where you are an archer and have to stop the enemies using magical arrows, magma bombs and special powers. No skull can cross the line! You must defend the kingdom, defend your castle and fight off monster hordes! If you love war strategy games, first person shooters and dungeon RPG, you will enjoy Skull Towers! A new concept of free td games has born.

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A new, innovative gameplay!

Skull Towers is a free tower defence game, but has first person shooter (FPS), strategy, dungeon and RPG elements. You have to fight waves of enemies in a medieval fantasy world, and your only weapons are arrows, potions and defense buildings as turrets or barricades.You will need good aim and skill to reach the victory!

Tens of bows and arrows

You can unlock new powerful bows and magical bracelets by killing skeletons. From Bone Bow to Dragon Bow, there are tens of them with great abilities. And you can use special arrows too: fire, ice, stun, explosive, multiple arrows… Enemies can resist some of them, so use them wisely!

Multiple levels and enemies
Tons of skeleton warriors: wizard, knight, gladiator, paladin… all with uniques stats and skills. Dodge their attacks and stop them in dozens of levels! Could you defeat the Evil Lord and defend your castle?

Upgrade your defense towers

Summon multiple battle towers and defenses: catapults, barricades, explosive barrels, poison plants… Kill the skeleton hordes, collect ectoplasm and improve the strength and power of your defences! You must be prepared for the war!

Play this tower defence offline!

Skull Towers is an offline tower defense game, which means you can play it with no wifi connection! Furthermore, it’s a free game! If you love castle defense games but can’t play online, Skull Towers is for you. No internet connection required!

Stunning 3D graphics

There are tons of scenarios and great environments with stunning 3D graphics and wonderful music and sounds. Cemeteries, swamps, ruins… You will feel like in a real battlefield! You can even unlock 3D models of enemies, bows and arrows in the Dark Book, an in game encyclopedia full of content.

The funniest archery tower defense game

Skull Towers: Castle Defense Game: Best Archery TD is challenging and funny to play. A perfect game for those who love free td games but need innovation and new gameplay. If you try the game, you will fall in love with it!

A new wave is coming! Get ready to fight against the forces of evil! Do you think you can defeat them and win the war? Try the most addicting tower defense game and save your tower and your realm from the dark side! Archer, you must be prepared for the final battle. Take your bow, aim and… shoot!

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The best FPS & td game, ambiented in a fantasy medieval battlefield. Play now FOR FREE on mobile or tablet!

Skull Towers Castle Defense Game Best Archery TD
Requires Android
4.0 and up
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