Can Tag Car Tracking Can Protect Your Vehicle From Theft?

You may qualify for a rebate when you install Tag tracking anti-theft device

car theft happening at night Did you know it only takes thieves about 60 seconds to steal your vehicle?

So, it’s no surprise that car manufacturers are seeking ways to stop people from stealing vehicles while security companies, such as Tag, are designing new technology to deter or identify thieves.

There is no question that nobody wants to have their car stolen. It’s a beyond difficult situation to deal with.

It can cause financial stress, disrupt daily routines, and require you to manage an insurance claim you didn’t anticipate. Car theft is a billion dollar problem that needs to be addressed.

According to a recent report by CFLA, a vehicle is stolen every 6 minutes in Canada, often by organized crime – 75% of stolen vehicles are destined for export abroad, says Freddy Marcantonio, Vice-President of Business Development and Distribution at Tag. Don’t forget how catalytic converter theft is also increasing across the country.

Good news – there are some modern solutions to this increasing problem for drivers. Innovative solutions have emerged, such as vehicle tracking anti-theft devices and Tag car tracking.

In this article, we will explore the concept of tracking systems, how they enhance security, and how the device can impact your policy. Then we’ll talk about how tracking provides vehicle owners peace of mind while limiting the risk of their car being stolen. First, let’s start by discussing Tag vehicle tracking.

What is a Tag vehicle tracking?

For more than a decade, Tag has been a leader in stolen vehicle recovery across North America. The team has helped to recover millions of dollars worth of stolen assets. Tag has created a unique multi-unit electric identification to recover vehicles if they are tampered with or stolen, even if a thief breaks the cellular antenna or cuts internal wires. Tag tracking reports they have deterred 99.82% of vehicle theft.

Their affordable anti-theft solution doesn’t rely on the battery of the car and is developed and manufactured in Canada. They also partner with authorized dealers, law enforcement, insurance companies, the Insurance Bureau of Canada, and Info-Crime Montreal.


How does the Tag vehicle tracking system work?

If you want to lower your car insurance in Ontario, you may benefit from installing anti-theft devices such as the Tag system. Due to the multi-unit design, it is challenging for thieves to bypass tag tracking systems – the multilayered signals can’t be jammed either.

If a theft occurs, the system has preventative measures such as chemical etching, electrotonic identification, and a trained vehicle tracking team. It’s the only anti-theft technology on the market that provides prevents, vehicle tracking, and recovery.

The Tag system can track vehicles all over Canada and the United States. Even though their home base is in Montreal, they have a far-reaching and very secure network to help drivers. Anti-theft devices that track a vehicle’s location provide an extra layer of security for owners to monitor their vehicle’s status in real time.

They have a tiny RFID device installed on vehicle parts thieves target – these transponders have unique serial numbers that can identify components as being stolen, making them harder to buy and sell.


Will a Tag car tracker lower my insurance?

Rising claims for stolen vehicles have an impact on your rate, but by taking the initiative to do your due diligence to limit the risk of theft, you may see a small decrease in your premium. This will also depend on your driving history, demerit points, and other factors.

Tag car tracking insurance rebates

The tag car tracking system can cost around $400 to install. It comes with five-year tracking protection. However, for a limited time, Aviva Insurance and Traders General Insurance are teaming up with Tag to offer enhanced protection for high-risk vehicle drivers. Depending on your location and the vehicle you drive, you may qualify for a rebate.

What vehicles are eligible for free Tag installation?

The Tag anti-theft initiative has been implemented to protect customers who own vehicle models with the highest incidences of unrecovered theft. Aviva has identified certain areas as hotspots for theft, and only customers residing there are eligible for the service.

Here is a list of vehicles that qualify for free Tag installation:

    • Honda CRV
    • Ford F-150
    • Dodge Ram 1500
    • Lexus RX 350
    • Land Rover Range Rover
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Toyota Highlander

Please note that only insured customers with specific vehicle models qualify for this offer, and the list and offer may change over time.
white car being broken into

7 Benefits for Tag Tracking System

By discreetly installing a compact anti-theft device within the vehicle, owners can access many security features. Here are seven benefits of installing the Tag system.

    • Real-time location: The device tracks the vehicle’s location, aiding in quick recovery if stolen.
    • Swift Recovery: Tracking your stolen vehicle in real-time can increase the chances of a quick recovery, minimizing the financial and emotional impact of losing a valuable asset.
    • Premium reduction: Install anti-theft devices to lower car insurance costs.
    • Personal safety: Vehicle tracking devices prevent theft and improve safety by allowing owners to easily share their location with emergency services in case of emergencies or breakdowns.

Where can I buy Tag car tracking?

You will need to visit an authorized dealer that installs the Tag system, you cannot install the system at home or at any dealership or mechanic. Right now, the service is only available in Ontario and Quebec. Find a local Tag installer.

How is Tag car tracking installed?

Here’s what you can expect when you hire a professional to install the Tag system:

    • Installers will etch discreet window logos: The tag logo will be etched on the front driver and passenger side to deter thieves.
    • Everything is wireless: The system does not rely on your battery or other wires – it is all seamlessly wireless.
    • Vehicle tracking and surveillance are available 24/7: Trained technicians will track and locate your vehicle or stolen parts.
    • Patented tags will be installed strategically: The RFID devices are installed on commonly targeted vehicle parts. The miniature transponders will all have their own serial number.

Tag car tracking FAQs

Is Tag tracking worth it?

Considering the costs of replacing a stolen vehicle and the potential impact on your insurance, tag tracking can be worth the investment. Tag tracking can reduce the chance of your car being damaged or stolen.

What is the purpose of a vehicle tracker?

Car owners and transport companies use a vehicle tracking system to monitor the location of vehicles. With the increase in stolen vehicles, people are installing tag trackers to know what is happening with their vehicles.

Will my insurance company provide me with a rebate for a Tag system?

Depending on your insurance provider, you may get an insurance discount or rebate for installing a tracker to prevent theft.

Will the installation of a Tag system impact my warranty?

If you install a vehicle tracking system, it shouldn’t impact your car warranty. Always check the agreement and any fine print to ensure there is no conflict.

Can I transfer a Tag system from one vehicle to another?

A tag system cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another because of the type of vehicle, installation process, and security reasons.

Take a proactive step towards safeguarding your vehicle with Tag tracking

Vehicle tracking anti-theft devices have revolutionized how we safeguard our vehicles. With features such as real-time tracking, geo-fencing, remote immobilization, and tamper alerts, these devices enhance security and provide peace of mind to vehicle owners.

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