Granny 3 [MOD] APK v1.1

Granny 3 MOD enemies do not attack – What could be better than an unforgettable vacation at your grandparents’ house in the countryside? That’s right, nothing! Nature and fresh air just fill with joy and carefree, but not in this case. After all, it would seem, one carefree visit to the elderly family could cost the protagonist his life.

The game takes you to the new lair of the evil grandmother, her faithful spouse, and their granddaughter Slendrina. Your goal is to help the main character get out of this cursed house. But keep in mind that Grandma has very acute hearing, and will immediately come running to check on her prisoner because of any rustling! Grandpa may be hard of hearing, but he’s an excellent shot with his gun, so it’s better to stay out of his sight. Also their granddaughter Sledrina will be chasing you, and she will give you a lot of trouble with her spontaneous appearance. The main thing is not to look her in the eye and you will definitely get out.

Go through all the trials along the way, trust your 6th sense and end this family once and for all.

Mod Info:
– Unlimited Money/Unlocked

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