Guardian Soul : ENTARUS (MOD, Unlimited Money) Apk

Guardian Soul : ENTARUS - Immerse yourself in a journey through a mysterious world to become the legendary guardians and protectors of this world
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Mar 22, 2023
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“Beyond the gate spans a barren wasteland, where rocks shine in crimson under heat that forbids breathing.
There lived monsters of Middle-earth, kin to neither man nor demon.
To think that curiosity was at fault when humans unlocked that very gate… at least they were quick to realize their folly. Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 MOD APK (Skill Points)
It was a momentous day for the monsters however, when the gate was opened from the other side.
Thus began a hellish war between those who seek, and those who keep.”

❖ Journey to defend the continent of Merdalin
Defend Merdalin from the onslaught of monsters, and become known as the greatest commander!
Put together a team for the coming battle, as you come across unique guardians!

❖Tactics and stratagems for certain victory
Highest level of tactics, deployed by hand! Touch and swipe the screen real-time as you carry out your campaign!
An Intuitive autoplay system that allows anyone to enjoy the game!

❖ Ally relations, maintained at their greatest
Defending Merdalin as a lone commander may prove to be a fight too burdensome.
Join a guild, exchange information, and participate in boss raids!
Growing into a formidable guild would be a great benefit to the Merdalin cause in and of itself.

❖ Endless fun from endless gamemodes
– Adventure : Train your guardians! Defend the continent of Merdalin!
– Weekly Dungeon : Earn loads of gold and experience!
– Equipment Dungeon : Select the gear you want, then claim it by completing the dungeon!
– Dungeon of Tribulation : Find out which curse is active and build your team around it!
– Guardian Tower : Make your way up the tower and open boxes for various items!
– Alchemy Lab : Produce necessesary resources, or raid them from other commanders!
– Rank Battle : The Arena for determining the greatest commander in Merdalin!
– Network Dungeon : Either cooperate or compete with other commanders in real time!
– Dimensional Dungeon : A dungeon that lets you claim rewards while offline! Polar Bear Simulator 2 Mod [Paid for free][Free purchase] APK

“Entarus the Ravager approaches, commander. Merdalin needs your help!”

◈Official website and channel◈
Official lounge :
Customer support :

◈In regards of app permissions◈
This service does not require any app permissions.

[Minimum requirements]
Android 6.0 / RAM 2GB

This service contains microtransactions, offering in-game currency and items.
Please note that in-app purchases cost real money and are charged to your account.

[Refund Policy]
Refunds for digital products purchased in-game may be allowed or restricted under the “Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.”
For more information, please refer to the in-game terms and conditions.



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