Idle War – Tank Tycoon 0.4.1

Train up your troops, utilize tanks and soldiers to fight the enemies of your empire. – Become the tank tycoon.
Advance your units to elite tanks, learn new skills and fight hostile troops in automated battles.
Grow your empire, destroy enemy vehicles on your path through occupied territories. Expand your base and collect more and more gold and items. ? ?
The mines in your base continue working for you, even while you’re offline! ?
Improve your production plants, tanks and units and conquer territories to increase your Idle Gold income!

– Manage your troops and let them conquer territories to increase your Idle Gold income
– Unlock new tanks, vehicles and soldiers, improve your units and turn them into unstoppable elite tanks
– Your mines and factories produce Idle Gold and items, even when you’re offline
– Invest your gold in more mines or level up your units to boost your income ?
– Pay special attention to your hero and drone units as every hero unit has its own special skills and abilities ?
– Receive free boxes and rewards on a regular basis
– Command up to 40 different tanks, soldiers and planes
– Use blueprints for mines and factories and produce gold, copper, silver and microchips to earn more Idle Gold ?
– Complete missions and earn gold or useful items ?
– No internet connection required
? Defeat your enemies and become the greatest tank tycoon of all time! ?
Need help or want to give feedback? Write us at [email protected] – we’re always happy to hear from our players! ✉

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