MX Player Beta MOD Apk 2.21.1 Latest Version

Video players are now an essential thing. Everybody is now quite comfortable while watching videos on their mobiles. But there are some movies and videos which are not supported by your android phone. To make them accessible and enhance their resolution we use different apps which are specifically made for this purpose.

One such application is MX player. It helps you to watch videos on your android mobile phone with high resolution and several different features such as zoom in and zoom out, advanced video acceleration and many others. MX player beta is the modified and more enhanced version of the regular MX player application. This app was published by MX media. It is one of the most popular video player software. It supports all movies and videos in all formats with subtitles.

The subtitles are in very high resolution. This app has millions of downloads all around the world and is enjoyed by the users. It has a user-friendly interface and has compatibility with all android devices. But it has certain in-app purchases and ads which is not an appealing feature. To solve this purpose the modified version of the MX player beta known as MX player beta MOD APK is introduced.

What is MX Player Beta?

MX player Beta is the modified and enhanced version of the MX player. It is a powerful video player software that allows you to watch videos with customised features. You can pinch the screen to zoom in or swap here and there to pan the video. You can increase the resolution of your videos and also use subtitles in different languages. Multi-core decoding is also an exceptional feature that attracts the users. Moreover you can accelerate and decelerate your videos according to your liking. You can share media files by using the media transfer feature with your friends and family.

What is MX Player Beta MOD APK?

No doubt that MX player beta is an exceptional video player software but there are some drawbacks that are solved in the MOD version. Some of these enhanced features are different languages support, removal of banner ads, optimised graphics, welcome splash remover etc. You can watch videos on different platforms using this app and also download them and make modifications in them.

Hardware Acceleration

This feature is very helpful as in today’s world everyone is in a hurry so they may want to watch videos and movies with less time consumption. This feature enables the android users to accelerate their video speed without interrupting with subtitles and video effects and resolution.

Zoom and Pan

There is an exceptional feature that allows you to zoom in your videos by pinching or by swiping left to right on your phone. This feature is extremely helpful to see the far away detailings in a video. There is another exceptional feature that is the pan feature which makes your experience more realistic and enjoyable.


You can change the position and timings of the subtitles in this app. You can change the position of subtitles by scrolling forward or backwards, zoom them in and out by pinching the screen. You can also change the dimensions of the subtitles.

Multi-core Decoding

Have you heard of the multi-core decoding system?. It’s an advanced feature which is supported by a very few apps around the world and MX Player Beta is the first app that supports this feature.

File Sharing

Whenever we see a good movie or video, we share it with our friends but the Internet is an absolute requirement for this purpose. But MX player beta supports file sharing without an Internet connection. Yes you don’t need a connection to transfer your files using MX player Beta. You can share your stuff instantly.

Child Lock

There is a feature that makes your child only use MX player Beta and not any other app. This is referred to as the Child lock. You don’t have to worry while handing over your mobile to your children. They will only watch movies and will not have any access to calls or other features of your phone.

Optimisation of Graphics

Using this feature you can optimise your graphics from 2D to 3D. You can always have a better look of your graphics that will look much better.

Language Support

This modified version of the MX player Beta MOD APK supports several other languages then English for example Russian etc.

Removal of Ads

We all have been interrupted by the unwanted ads while enjoying our favourite movies. This modified version of the MX player Beta app has removed our problems by removing the ads.

Welcome Splash Removal

There is no welcome splash. It has been removed in this version. It all has been done to make things much easier for you.

No In-app Purchases

All in-app purchases are removed in this version. Everything is free in the MX player Beta MOD APK. You do not have to buy any further things using your own money in this app.


MX player Beta is an exceptional app that allows you to watch videos in different resolutions and it supports all the formats. It is also compatible with all the android devices. If you are facing any problem while watching videos on your android phones then you should definitely try the MX player Beta app. You can also hide your personal videos in the hide folder and can also share videos with others instantly using the MX transfer feature. This app is recommended for all android users.

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