MX Player Pro APK 1.74.6 Latest Version

All of us have a video player in our device or in our laptops but these video players do not provide us with good video quality and we cannot even play the videos in the background which is the main restriction regarding the video players. But to give people a good experience on their devices an app called MX player has been introduced. It is an exceptional app that allows you to watch all your videos in amazing quality.

There are multi core processors available in this video player that helps you to load the videos faster and hence you will not have to wait for the loading of a video. There are even different customizations available in this video player that allows you to add a lot of different gestures to this application so that you can easily make customisations to your videos without having to go to the settings more often. This app also allows you to zoom in videos to have a better view on your device.

What is the MX Player app?

Whenever we try to play a video on our mobile device it takes a lot of time to start, this is because it does not use the microcode processor. This is the feature that helps the video players to play the video fluently. If you want to get this amazing feature in your device then MX Player is the best option. It is an advanced video player that allows you to watch videos in good quality and it also provides a lot of customisations so that you can easily use your device while watching your videos.

What is the MX Player Pro MOD APK?

MX Player also has a premium version in which you can have a lot of Amazing features that will help you to enjoy your favourite movies in a much better environment. To get this premium version for free you can have MX Player pro Mod APK in your device. This modified version will provide you all the pro features for free and will also provide you with a good video quality and so much more customisation options.

What are the different gestures that you can enable in the MX Player app?

The MX Player app allows you to add gestures to your application so that you can easily customise it and you do not need to visit the settings every time you want to customise your video player. The gestures that are included in this app are that you can swipe on your device at the right side in the upward and download position to change the volume settings and on the left side you can do this to increase or decrease the brightness. To zoom on your videos you can easily spread your fingers in the middle of the screen.

How does MX Player prevent your kids from using other features of your device?

There is a kids lock available in the MX Player video player app. This kids lock does not allow your children to exit the MX Player app or log on to other applications that are available in your device and because of this feature you can easily hand over your device to your children and Indulge yourself in any household work that you want without having to worry about your device.

Features of the MX Player app

Advanced Video Player

MX Player is an advanced video player that allows you to play all the different kinds of videos in good quality.

Enhanced Video Quality

You can enhance the video quality of all your favourite videos or movies with the help of MX Player.

Load immediately

It uses the microprocessor and that’s why it loads all the videos immediately and there is no buffering.

Customize your video player

You can add a lot of customisations to your video players. You can add gestures to this application.

Prevent your kids from misusing the device

This app also provides you with a kids lock that prevents your kids from accessing any other App on your device.

Features of the MX Player Pro APK

Unlocked application

If you download MX Player pro APK then you can have an unlocked application.

Completely free of cost

This modified version is completely free to use.

No advertisement

By downloading MX Player pro APK you can get rid of all kinds of advertisements.


If your mobile’s in-built video player is not working properly or if it is too slow then you can get the MX Player app and have a better experience of all the different videos that you watch on your mobile. To get the pro version of this app for free you can download MX Player pro Mod APK.


Q. Who is the developer of the MX Player app?

J2 interactive is the developer of the MX Player app.

Q. What is the size of the MX Player app?

The size of the MX Player app is 60.54 MB.

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