Pokémon GO v0.201.1 Apk Download Free

Pokemon GOgame, which became wildly popular before full release. The excitement is explained by the fact that the application is built on a fresh and original concept of augmented reality. The player will have to catch virtual pokémon in the real world.

After installing the game will prompt the user to customize the appearance of the main character and choose a name. Then there will be a brief tutorial, where the English language explains the key moments of the game. To consolidate the acquired knowledge need to catch his first pokemon, which will be close to you.

After a short course begins the basic gameplay. The main screen displays the 3D map on which you want to navigate going out to hunt. Works Pokemon GO only with good mobile Internet and GPS for best accuracy and mapping. The player should move around the city and look for places where to hide, “pocket animals”. To catch a pet, you should pay attention to the special indicator to the right of pokebola. 3 circle – pet far, 2 closer, 1 – very close.

To catch pokemon you should throw in a pokebol (special red ball) swipe in the direction of the animals. It should be noted that these balls are often very small, this should try to run them straight. The smaller green circle on the pet, the more chance to catch it.

To get pokebola is quite simple. On the map they are marked with a blue dot, which can be absolutely any place, be it a supermarket or Bank. You should just approach her, open, and spin the plate. As a reward, give balls, eggs and energy.
Pokemon GO – a real breakthrough among multiplayer games. It is not only original and interesting, but also very useful, as often to catch the next pokemon you want to pass long distances.

Pokémon GO

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– Unlimited Money/Unlocked

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