Sky On Fire : 1940 MOD APK (Plane Unlocked)
Sky On Fire 1940 MOD UNLOCKS OPEN APK is one of the popular games of the Android platform, produced by ISNI-Industries studio
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Dec 13, 2022
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Sky On Fire : 1940 is an indie WW2 flight sim !

The game takes place in the early years of the war , from the battle for France to the battle of Britain. 4 nations will be playable : Germany, France, England, and Italy. You can fly different aircraft , including legends such as the Spitfire, Hurricane, B.P. Defiant, Bf 109, Bf 110 Ju 87 , Ju 88 or He 111.

Multicrew makes it possible to control each individual crewmember in your aircraft, you can even let the AI pilot and light up ennemies on your 6 with a rear gun !

Use the mission editor to create your own scenarios, and with a free camera and photo mode, you will be able to save your best pics.

Engage in dogfights with a challenging AI, thanks to the mission editor, you can decide to fight either in a 1v1 or in a huge battle with dozens of airplanes.

This game is some kind of student project, and I am the only person working on it. You can check the discord server to be aware of new update and chat a bit with me and a lot of passionates.

Don’t be fooled by the low-poly style , the game uses realistic physics , airfoil based and as close as possible to the reality !
It can be considered as the most realist WW2 flight sim available on mobile.

What's new

(following update with fixes)
New Aircrafts : Dewoitine D.520 S & Spitfire Mk.I (early)
New Spitfire & Me 262 cockpit.
New textures for all aircrafts.

-Texture customization and custom cockpit picture
-Loadout customization. Change armement and more.
-Air to air rockets, available only to workshop planes.

Updated graphics & new FX
New render scale setting for potato devices.

Bug fixes
Optimization on every aspects.
And more !



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