[Substratum] Transparent Oreo/Nougat Theme v14.9 [Patched] Full

[Substratum] Transparent Oreo/Nougat Theme v14.9 [Patched]
Requirements: 7.0 & up + Substratum Theme Engine + Root
Overview: You need root and a rom with Substratum support to use this theme. if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please don’t download this theme because you won’t be able to use it.


Please read full description before purchasing or leaving a bad review, and if you have any problem or question, email me and I will help you.

This theme supports custom roms with OMS support. The theme doesn’t officially support substratum legacy (stock roms and custom roms without OMS) so try at your own risk as it may not work correctly!

Like a glass!! This is Transparent theme for Substratum theme engine. Many apps of your rom will become transparent! You can choose a wallpaper and use it as background for your apps. Every time you change wallpaper, you have a new theme! I suggest to try this theme also with live wallpapers. The level of personalization permitted really has no limits! You can customize everything! Colors, styles and more. All details below in the description! You won’t find a better transparent theme than this very easily!

1)open substratum app and select Transparent theme
2a)To have apps themed with original colors: choose “StockColors” in the top selector, don’t choose colors in ThemeColor and ThemeAccent in android system overlays and then select other overlays
2b)To change apps themed with custom colors: choose “ThemeColorAndAccent” in the top selector, choose a ThemeColor and ThemeAccent in android system overlay and then select other overlays
3)Choose personalizations that you want from various selectors (see the list below)
4)Use the floating button, compile overlays and then use the button again to apply overlays
5)Reboot(if needed!)
(Problems while installing? Something you don’t understand?Email me!)

-Many apps of your rom will become transparent, like settings, notification drawer, messagging, keyboard, downloads..
-You can see the full list of apps themed here: https://goo.gl/RZrbHQ (here you will find also what is transparent and what not)
-caviar dreams font included
-wallpapers included

[android system] Type: choose to have dividers or not in the lists
[android system] ThemeColor: customize the actionbar and statusbar color of the apps themed(if a color marked with “FULL” if selected the actionbar and statusbar will have the same color)
[android system] ThemeAccent: customize the accent color of the apps themed
[android system] Style: choose from 16 different styles: Normal, Rounded, Swag, Custom, BordersNormal, BordersRounded, BordersSwag, BordersCustom, DashedNormal, DashedRounded, DashedSwag, DashedCustom, LinedNormal, LinedRounded, LinedSwag, LinedCustom (this will affect: settings app cards, downloads app cards and system dialogs, buttons, popups, toasts)
[settings] Category text: customize the category text in settings app
[settings] Icons color: customize the icons color in settings app
[settings] Cards: choose to have cards or not
[systemui] Style: choose to have no borders, borders or dashed borders for the notifications and notification drawer
[systemui] Rounded recents; choose to have rounded recents or not
[navbar]: choose to have stock navbar, a custom navbar or invisible navbar
[google app] choose to have 50% transparency or full transparency for google launcher drawer and folders

For any question, problem or request, send me a mail.
Rate this theme if you like it, it will be very appreciated and it will help a lot :)

For news, add/follow me on Google Plus: http://goo.gl/AFm9wU
For bugs/suggestions/other join my community: https://goo.gl/LtqRKT (or send me a mail)
Nickname on XDA and other forums: SpadaBoss

Enjoy Transparent theme!


*14.9 version:
-fixes for latest substratum app version
-follow me on google plus: http://goo.gl/AFm9wU

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[Substratum] Transparent Oreo/Nougat Theme v14.9 [Patched] Apk for Android

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